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Jerlando F. L. Jackson is the Dean of the Michigan State University College of Education, the MSU Foundation Professor of Education, and Director and Chief Research Scientist of the Organizational Disparities Laboratory.



Fueled by more than 125 publications, Professor Jackson’s research on hiring practices, career mobility, workforce diversity and workplace discrimination has evolved into his focus on organizational disparities, a term he is credited with coining.






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What are "Organizational Disparities?”

Organizational disparities are noticeable and usually significant differences or dissimilarities in the treatment of individuals or groups within an organization based on characteristics such as race, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, age, or socio-economic status. These disparities can result in unequal access to opportunities, resources, and recognition, leading to disparate outcomes.

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Founded in 2022, The Organizational Disparities Laboratory (ODL) at Michigan State University is a research laboratory dedicated to exploring and disrupting organizational disparities.

Driven by rigorous, interdisciplinary research, the ODL serves as an incubator for collaboration and dissemination.

We engage scholars, experts, and practitioners in identifying and tackling the next big questions related to the long standing and consistent disparities that emerge in organizations.

We translate that research into action through educational tools, learning experiences, and empirically driven resources.

Selected Current Projects

Research Course on African Americans and Education logo

An annual program that pairs early career scholars and advanced graduate students with established researchers to work directly on research questions and methods that inform studies on African Americans in education.

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National Study of Intercollegiate Athletics

A set of national longitudinal inventories designed to better understand the organizational culture of intercollegiate athletics and inform institutional hiring practices, guide staff development, and improve staff experiences.
ICBME logo

An annual, international experience that brings together world-class scholars, high-impact practitioners, policy makers, and students to discuss and share ideas and innovative practices that improve the educational outcomes and experiences of Black males.

Seeding Diversity Fellows logo

Seeding Diversity Fellows Program

A professional development program designed to embed diversity, equity, and inclusion in the core values of Geosciences departments at colleges and universities.

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Jerlando F. L. Jackson became the Dean of the Michigan State University College of Education on July 1, 2022.

The College of Education has established a reputation for excellence and visionary thinking in its efforts to improve teaching and learning across our nation and world, particularly within the contexts of urban and global education.

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